Thursday, January 28, 2010

MSU's Very Own

So, I heard awhile back of this freshman here at State who was up on the whole rap game thing. Obviously, and reasonably, I was pretty skeptical. Freshman? Rap? My first thought is that dude's production would be on par with the sound quality of a wiretapped cell phone conversation. Not the case. Also a surprise is that not only is his production on point, so are his lyrics. He's obviously got a ways to go but since I heard of him a few months ago his resume has grown to include performances with Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa. Not too shabby, my freshman year I rarely woke up before the Brody Caf started serving dinner and dude is on stage with the Wizzle himself. If there's a more impressive freshman not named Nix or Sherman, point 'em out. He goes by Treezen, and you'll definitely be hearing that name around campus in the future.

"I Feel Like I'm Important"- Treezen

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