Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some Weird Shit CuDi's Been Doing

So... it looks like CuDi has finally embraced his inner-Kanye and is doing a whole buncha stuff that certain people in the media will consider to be "genius" and others will pass off as just plain bonkers. This new CuDi/Dan Black song (which seems to have bitten the drums off Umbrella by Rihanna) definitely falls under the category of "bonkers", but hey- it isn't bad and the video is done too well to not check out...

And in case you hadn't heard, SuperHollywoodProducer Mark Wahlberg (he brought you Entourage!!) is producing a show starring a dude my little sister would probably recognize from One Tree Hill. But the show also happens to be co-starring... Scott Mescudi. Looks decent at best from the trailers, and running it against KEVIN DURANT'S DEBUT AS AN NBA ALL-STAR THIS SUNDAY NIGHT means that I'll most certainly catch the first episode OnDemand. Check out the trailer below:

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