Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How Does Bo Ryan Recruit?

Bo Ryan always seems to have a squad right at the top of the BigTen, in contention for the title. Now, any winning coach can recruit a group of All-Star players; but that's just not Bo's style. He takes it a step further. He only recruits Aryan All-Stars. Reading their lineups is like looking at a list of Commanders of the Third Reich. For real. Berggren? Jarmusz? Markolf? Brusewitz? Year after year, buzzcut after buzzcut, I'm left wondering... what does Bo Ryan do that allows him to relate to these players so well? And then I stumbled across this gem...

...and I realized that Bo Ryan can relate to his players in recruiting because he himself is an annoyingly arrogant, awkward-looking farm boy. But this clown's dominance over Izzo... (the last refuge of hope the BigTen has of a conference not entirely dominated by the Spartans) ...ends tonight.

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