Monday, February 15, 2010

Did Somebody Say McDonald's?

Keith Appling, future Michigan State Spartan became Keith Appling, future McDonald's All-American and Michigan State Spartan late last week. He'll become the 9th Izzo coached player to play in the swagger-ridden high school showcase. This may end up being the best opportunity to get a good look at what Appling can do- both for State fans and the rest of the country. I'm really hoping for a Brandon Jennings-esque performance full of ridiculous jumpshots and Nash-style passing. Anyways, the game's on March 31st.

Speaking of the fall of 2010, Izzo feels like he's still got some work to do. And if he has any hope of running his very own Fab 5 (he never said he did, but I'ma pretend he wants to) he's going to need someone special at the shooting guard position. Someone like Mount Pleasant's Trey Zeigler. He's ranked 26th nationally by, and would give us a fully loaded draft class for next year; filling every possible need left by the changes we'll (maybe) see next year.

Plus, we can like totally run a Fab 5. And Chris Webber won't be there to call a phantom time-out. Really, if this kid comes to campus everyone better show him a great time... this draft class would cement Izzo's status as not only a coach and recruiter, but as a potential dynasty builder. Gotta get that reloadability. How good would it feel next year to flip on SportsCenter at literally any time during the season and instead of hearing about John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Eric Bledsoe and John Calipari's douche-asses, instead we'd see Adriean Payne, Keith Appling, Trey Zeigler and Tom Izzo?

I'll stop dreaming for a second though, as Zeigler won't commit until his senior season is over and MSU is among a few other prime time basketball schools on his short list.

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