Sunday, November 15, 2009

Those "Other" Tees

So... we keep hearing these ridiculous horror stories about those "other" shirts. The ones that say "We Are Not The Same I Am A Spartan" and spelled "Tailgating" wrong. The ones that came out 9 months after ours.

Anyways, we've heard more than once that these kids think they came up with this idea. And moreover, that they've accused us of stealing their idea. Now this is more than just a little ridiculous to us; and we've shrugged it off more or less, mostly due to the fact that their methods and actual design are both awful... but it's come time to address it.

Please, don't let friends support these fools. Don't let them get away with thinking they've created anything at all. The University is aware of them (and the fact that they didn't go through the correct channels in producing them) and therefore the tees are more or less illegal in every way a t-shirt can be illegal.

Whatever, whatever. Support the originator, not the imitator.

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