Thursday, November 12, 2009

Public Service Announcement

Did you ever see "The Day After Tomorrow"? Where Dennis Quaid is all stressed about the environment because the world's gonna end in like 3 months but then all of the sudden it's ends the next day? That's kind of what happened to our website this week.

I had thought that it'd take a few months to use all the bandwith alloted to us by our old webhost, but we had so much traffic after the new tees were launched that we crashed our site. Well, the splash page is back up finally; as is the blog, and everything should be working smoothly. Actually, pages should (hopefully) load quicker.

Cool beans. As a side-note, thanks for all of the support this week. We've already sold just shy of 100 of the new tees, not counting a few old ones that went out as well, and that might be a single week record. Cool, cool.

Keep checking the blog, now that all the first-day-of-class-style-introductions have been taken care of I plan on posting nearly daily about much more than just boring updates about what were doing. I'm going to try to post more music- new tapes we're listening to, and probably a weekly "Throwback Track" post. And of course all that you need to know with weird internet videos, interesting articles, and Spartan Basketball.

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