Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Diary of an ATL Brave

Wow, more music today. I swear this isn't a hip-hop blog. But I gotta share something else with you.

This mixtape came out a while back, actually quite a while back; but we weren't blogging often when it came out and since then it hasn't garnered much attention. Now I don't know much about Donnis, but the fact that 10.Deep sponsored his mixtape should tell you all you need to know to click "download" (the last two 10.Deep sponsored tapes were "Man on the Moon" by KiD CuDi and "Mixtape About Nothing" by Wale).

Solid effort, some great songs. Mix of bangers and lyrical songs, with some slower tunes and jams thrown in for good measure. Hopefully you'll be hearing much more from Donnis very, very soon.

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